Music Ministry

Emmanuel Church has a remarkable history as one of the birthplaces of American Catholic music.

It began with the founding of the music publishing company, J. Fischer and Brother (JF&B) which eventually grew to be one of the largest music and most influential music publishers in America.

The founder, Joseph Fischer was born in the village of Silberhausen near the music and art center of Mühlhausen,Germany.  He arrived at New York Harbor with his parents and siblings at seventeen years of age, and later taught music for two years in Berlin (now Kitchener),Ontario.  He then moved to Dayton to take the position of organist at Emmanuel Church.  It was here that he established this music publishing firm with his brother, Ignaz, in 1864.  The family business later relocated from Dayton to New York City.  JF&B’s music continues in widespread use to this day, including here at Emmanuel.

Today, that heritage is treasured, and our prayerful pursuit of excellence in music in worship continues.

Emmanuel Parish welcomes your musical talents with many opportunities for participation.

  • Instrumentalists
  • Adult Choir
  • Children’s Choir

If you would like information on how you or your child can become part of the music ministry at Emmanuel, please contact the parish office or our Music Director, Gary Geisel in the organ loft.